Prusa I3 Mk3 Build continued.

This morning, I completed the LCD install and followed with the CPU and wiring.

Then began the process of pre-print and calibration.

  1. Self check – I had issues with x and y end stops. the pla printed pieces seemed to have enough deformation that it did not trip the switches constantly. I super glued small pieces of card board to the pla and it works a lot better.
  2. XYZ Calibration –  had to fiddle with the sensor to get it to right height to sense the bed and not grid the head into bed. The Idea on using paper did not work well as the fan wants to blow way the paper and movement tends to cause paper to get in way. After firt run got a passing rate but noted that there was a little alignment issues. I re-aligned the Z frame and re-ran calibration and got great rating.
  3. Z height setting – load the bead leveling gcode and manually set the head height watching the print. (perfect)

First print



Here is the print starting – annoying rattle on the bed (I will have to chase down)



5 hours into print



I will follow up with other samples on SD card and then Move onto a Benchy.


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