Prusa I3 Mk2 Build

For Christmas break, started to build a Prusa I3 Mk2.

I ordered this about a month ago expecting to build this during the down time at the end of year. The Box arrived on 12/21 and everything was in great shape.

Un-boxed all the items and realized this was a going to be quite some effort.


Loaded the online assembly guide and started following along taking it in steps


Worked on the frame first. simple but a lot of pieces.

(Note on 100mm on the nuts in middle sould be more like 130 mm as the power supply will not fit at later stage)

Added the rails and bed base to frame

Started on X axis.

Added Z axis. Getting the end stops attached was hard as prints where very tight on smooth rods


Rebuilt the extruder 3 times to get it perfect. Had issues with the filament alignment and did not want to get it all assembled to find I could not load filament.

Called it quits for first day.

Will continue in next blog post on tomorrows progress.

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