Prusa Mk2 Benchies @ 200/100/050 Microns

3rd post on calibration, The above benchies have been printed using default profile in Simplify3d and the layer heights have been set to 200, 100, and 050 microns.

This allows us to compare the printer as it gets to print at higher resolutions.

Overall I think the prints are pretty good without tweaking settings on the printer or the default profile in Simp3D.


Next are some observations and possible fixes that I may try to follow on another post.


  • As the layer height is decreased the layer lines are harder to see. Look at smoke stack and bow rail
  • On the roof we can see top layer issue ( this could be tweaked by adding top layers to 7- 10 in Simp3d. rather than default 4)
  • At 50 micron started to see stringing ( change retraction in Simp3d.)
  • Ringing on all models (Change speed or acceleration settings)

Overall I am very happy with my new Prusa MK2.

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