Benchies on several printers, Same PLA and settings

After building my Prusa Mk2 from kit, and printing off serveral demo prints. I was getting great results. On my log of build to this group, someone asked for calibration prints and comparision to other I3 style printers.

Seeing Prusa sent a large spool of PLA 🙂 I thought I would print serveral benchies all using same PLA, standard Simplify3d profiles with the following 100 micron, 210 degrees and 55 degrees on bed.

Before anyone starts with we this could be tweaked here or that settting should be this …. thats not the point. This is to keep things same across all printers and get “Apples to Apples” comparisons.

Yes I know how to tweak settings for all my printers to get the best result. that is not the goal of this exercise.

Printers used

  • Monoprice Select Mini
  • Monoprice I3 Stock
  • Monoprice I3 flexion extruder and Z braces
  • Prusa Mk2
  • Wanhao I3 +

Now for the fun !

Who can guess which print came from which printer?

I will follow up with part 2 with more detail and identify each.

Here is some close ups



Here is my print farm 🙂

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